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My experience will be very helpful to understand the country, how it works (and doesn’t), its impact on your existing operations and your entry or further development in that market.

My experience in China covers 10 years (1998 – 2008), the most vibrant and exciting time to be in and part of China economic revolution. I first visited China in 1990 and returned in 1994. I moved to Beijing in January 1998 and became Partner in Charge of Consulting for KPMG Huazhen and the only foreigner in the Consulting practice. I remained in Beijing with KPMG until September 2001.

During that period, our 40 member consulting team focused on three areas of the practice.

• Market Entry – assisting over 300 foreign companies to establish operations in China including establishing Representative Offices, Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFE) and Joint Ventures (JVs),

• Emigration support – we worked with over 300 Chinese entrepreneurs to qualify them for emigration consideration. We were able to “get inside” their companies to better understand how they do business in China, this being a real eye-opener and an experience most China based consultants never obtain; and

• Financial Advisory Services – assisting foreign and domestic companies to prepare business plans, information memoranda, organization structuring, and sourcing capital.

In September 2001, I relocated with KPMG to Seoul Korea and remained until March 2003. I was an internationally accredited Corporate Finance Partner, Corporate Restructuring Partner, Transaction Services Partner and the Risk Management Partner for the Financial Advisory Firm and the only foreign partner in the Financial Advisory Firm.

During that period, my primary responsibility was to assist the firm to earn KPMG’s international accreditation for our 100 member firm in the areas of corporate finance, corporate restructuring and transaction services completed successfully in December 2002. In addition I was the assigned supporting partner for higher risk and international assignments. Further, during that period I assisted the firm’s clients in the disposition of over $5 billion of non-performing loans annually.

During the 1 1⁄2 years in Korea, I returned to China frequently for both personal and client purposes.

I returned to Canada for one year however, still involved with China assignments. In April 2004, I relocated to Shanghai as a Partner in the newly established consulting practice aligned with Pannell Kerr Forster (PKF). I remained in Shanghai with PKF for the next four years.

During that period, my focus in the practice was three fold.

• Enhancing Senior Executive Management and Corporate Governance of large State Owned Enterprises

• Hospitality and Resort Development in China

• Financial Advisory Services to domestic clients seeking capital